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Macro photos of a spider

Honey bee and little white spider on yellow-pink dahlia 'Dionne'
9 March 2018

Jan-Willem Kruse

Taking macro photos from a spider is not difficult if there is no wind on a sunny day. I encountered several times such good circumstances that I had enough time to setup a tripod. Spiders are everywhere and we normally disregard them (ok, except your wife/girlfriend …), but close-up photos of spiders will reveal interesting details normally not seen.

The best situation to photograph spiders is when they are in their spider web waiting for food being captured by the sticky wires of the web. They will sit for a longer period quiet on a fixed spot; normally in the center of the spider web.

I use a dedicated macro lens; either the Nikon 105mm or the Tamron 90mm lens.

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Article by Jan-Willem


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