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Macro photos of insects

15 January 2017

Jan-Willem Kruse

Over the past years we made several macro images of insects  encountered in our garden or during our holidays. Close-ups of insects are always amazing as we get a different view of them as usually.

Most of the photos have been taken with a dedicated macro lens; either the Nikon 105mm or the Tamron 90mm lens. Due to the high resolution of the Nikon D800 camera (36 megapixels) it gives additional opportunity to zoom in by cropping the image without compromising quality. Most of the time the photos are taken without a tripod; usually insects don’t wait on us setting up a tripod. This means finding a balance between:

  • the minimum required exposure time;
  • assuring enough ambient light is available;
  • depth of field by playing around with the lens aperture;
  • prevent camera shaking by resting arms on a wall, making use of the lens vibration reduction etc.;
  • if not enough increase the ISO

to get a sharp image with as large as possible depth of field.

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Article by Jan-Willem


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