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Macro photos of butterflies

Close-up of butterfly small cabbage white (Pieris rapae) fetching nectar from pink-yellow Dahlia 'Dionne'
7 March 2018

Jan-Willem Kruse

Photographing butterflies from nearby with a macro lens can be challenging, as they are seldom sitting quiet on a flower or piece of fruit. Best place is our own garden on a hot sunny day, but we also encountered them during our hikes in the Netherlands or during summer holidays in Austria, Italy and Switzerland.

Most of the photos have been taken with a dedicated macro lens; either the Nikon 105mm or the Tamron 90mm lens. We take several images from different viewpoints to aid in determining the species later. For the Netherlands there is a web based determination tool for butter flies provided by the Vlinder Stichting at

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Article by Jan-Willem


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