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Jan 09 2017

Hiking to the Ludwigsburger Hütte (Pitztal)

Travel, Austria, Tirol, Pitztal
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During our holiday in 2014 On a nice sunny day in 2014 we hiked to the Ludwigsburger Hütte, a mountain cabin in the Pitztal valley. The hike starts in the small village Zaunhof-Gruble at the parking place of the Ludwigsburger Hütte. We followed an historical pathway towards the cabin through the forest. During the hike we encountered some beautiful views on the surrounding mountains and the Pitztal valley.

Details about the hike can be found on the website, where some of the photos from the gallery below are also used.

In 2016 I found out that the tourist information of Pitztal valley had used my image of the Ludwigsburger Hütte in one of their brochures, see my article about it.


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