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Focus stacking macro photos of brown beans

Focus stacked image of sprouting brown bean with leaves just visible
14 January 2017

Jan-Willem Kruse

For a school project of one of my children it was requested to monitor the growth of sprouting brown beans. In the report of his experiment he needed to include some photos. This was an ideal opportunity to learn focus stacking. Together we took several macro photos, each with a different focus point and combined the images later with software.

We used the Nikon D800 with the Tamron 90 mm macro lens attached on a tripod. For the lightning we used the Nikon macro flash ring, which is put on the lens itself. The focus point was not shifted by our self, but automatically by making use of the android software dslrdashboard installed on a tablet. The connection with the tablet is made wireless (WiFi) via a small WiFi router attached to the USB port of the Nikon D800 camera.

We took some 30 to 50 photos and combined them with Zerene Stacker. Adobe Lightroom was used to polish the final image.

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Article by Jan-Willem


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