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Langkofel Group in the Italian Dolomites

14 January 2018

Jan-Willem Kruse

Road trip

During our holiday in 2011 we made a road trip through the western part of the Dolomites in Italy along several mountain road passes, such as the Sella Pass, Pordoi Pass and Gardena pass. Although the Dolomites are officially part of the Alps, they are visually completely different from the mountains on the Austrian/Swiss border. From the Sella Pass road, the east side of the mountain massif Langkofel Group cannot be missed, as we are talking about the biggest single mountain of the Dolomites.

The Langkofel group

Mountain massif the Langkofel Group, also called the Sassolungo Group (Italian: Gruppo del Sassolungo) is a massif with a width of 3000 meters and faces of 1000 meters height. It’s main summit, the Langkofel, is connected by a long ridge to the Langkofeleck (Spallone di Sassolungo) at the eastern end of the massif. The north face of the Langkofel is counted among the 20 largest faces of the Alps and its vertical distance from the summit to the village of St. Christina (Val Gardena) measures almost 2000 meters.

All the mountains of the group have huge faces with many climbing routes, most of them requiring mountaineering experience. Beside climbing, the Langkofel Group is a paradise for hiking. The six main summits of the group are arranged in the shape of a horse-shoe opened to North-West. From the east side (Sella Pass) the summits are from right to left:

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